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What is Brutality Haunted House

BHH  is an extreme horror simulation. It’s absolutely nothing like a ghost train or haunted house you’re familiar with from Halloween, or an escape-the-room attraction. If you’ve never visited an extreme haunt show, we recommend you research them on the Internet before signing up. You’ll find yourself alone in the middle of a real hardcore horror film with real scenes and real actors.


Why “brutality”

“Brutal” dictionary = savage, cruel, merciless. But it also means wonderful, awesome.


Where will the simulation take place?

The shows usually take place in or near Basel in Switzerland. Basel is located in the north of Switzerland in the area between Germany and France. It is easily accessible by car, train or plane (Euroairport). For international flights, the nearest airport is often Zurich, which is one hour from Basel.


When will the next show take place?

Follow our Facebook Page and other sources.


Who cannot take part?

You cannot take part if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Under 18 years of age;
  • Mental instability or post-traumatic stress disorder in any form;
  • Psychiatric or psychological treatment;
  • Medical treatment of physiotherapy for an acute or chronic condition;
  • Pregnant or might be pregnant;
  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Epilepsy, high-blood pressure, asthma or cardiovascular disease;
  • Untreated or badly managed diabetes;
  • Allergy to latex or silicon;
  • Other severe allergies that, when in contact with the allergen, could lead to anaphylactic shock;
  • Hearing problems, e.g. tinnitus.

If you take part in the show despite meeting one of the above criteria and we find out, the show will be terminated for you immediately for safety reasons. You will not get your money back.


Which language will be spoken during the simulation?

As participants come from different countries, the language of the simulation is English. You must be able to understand simple instructions and reply accordingly. You cannot take part if you do not speak any English.


How long will the simulation take?

Depends on the show.


What happens if I want to leave the show before the end?

At the start of the show, you will be given a safeword and a signal (for situations in which you can’t speak). As soon as you say the safeword, the show will stop for you. You will be taken out of the show and can recover and calm down backstage if you want. We will only let you go when we are sure that you’re ok. Once you’ve said the safeword, you can’t go back into the show and you will not get your money back.


What will happen during the show

For understandable reasons, we cannot reveal exactly what will happen during the show. Think of all the horror films you’ve ever seen. Everything that you’ve been able to experience at a safe distance as a spectator you can now actually experience yourself during the simulation. The following situations may (but might not) occur. The list is not exhaustive:

  • You can be touched, pushed and handled aggressively, both physically and mentally;
  • You might get bruises or suffer other minor injuries;
  • Longer periods of time alone in the dark;
  • Staying in an uncomfortable position for a prolonged period;
  • Simulated forced taking of medication, or taking it yourself;
  • Simulated sexually oriented situations and scenes;
  • Nakedness;
  • Forced removal and/or destruction of items of clothing, or you might be instructed to remove them yourself;
  • Contact with electric current;
  • Exposure to electric current to influence brain waves and emotional state;
  • Restricted breathing for a certain period;
  • Contact with water and dirt;
  • Contact with simulated body fluids;
  • Prolonged period of time in a very confined space;
  • Fog, very bright light and flashing strobe lights for a prolonged period;
  • Repugnant smells that could lead to vomiting;
  • Extremely loud music or sounds or absolute silence for a prolonged period.


Where is the location?

The exact location will be announced 24 hours before the event via email or Messenger. However, it will be in or near the city of Basel. When you are in Basel, you won’t have any problems getting to the location by various forms of transport. If you come by taxi, we will give you an address and, if you come by public transport, we will tell you which stop to get off and give you directions to the location. You must not travel by taxi or car to the exact address.


When do I have to be there?

Come to the exact address 15 minutes before your time slot. Do not arrive too early or too late. Do not hang around the location before the show and leave the location as soon as the show is over for you.


What happens if I arrive too late?

As a rule, if you arrive too late, it will not be possible to take part in the show. You will not get your money back.


Will I have to sign a waiver?

Sometime before the event, you will be sent a waiver and a confidentiality agreement via email. You must read and sign every page and return it in pdf or jpg format. If you do not do this, you will not be able to take part and you will not get your money back. At the location, you will have to sign the same waiver again and provide official proof of identity (ONLY ID or passport). Driver’s licences or similar documents will not be accepted.


May I bring any personal items with me?

Bring as few things as possible with you. Your things will be taken from you and kept in a safe place for you.


May I bring my smartphone or camera with me?

Your smartphone must be switched off when you enter the location. It is forbidden to take and publish photos of the location or the surrounding area.


Will my clothes get ruined?

Wear clothes that have no value for you as these could be destroyed. Bring a spare set of clothes with you. You’ll be able to get changed and have a quick clean-up after the show.


Can I wear my glasses?

We recommend wearing disposable contact lenses. If this isn’t possible, you can wear glasses. However, we shall take no responsibility for any damage.


Will there be any video recordings?

For your and our safety, cameras will monitor and record the show and photos will be taken. However, for us, it’s very important that your personal experience at BHH remains just that. For this reason, no images will be published without your consent.


What may I tell my friends or disclose on the Internet about the event?

So as not to spoil the show for other participants, it is strictly forbidden to disclose details about the show (location, handling, etc.), either in person or via the Internet. We expect you to observe this code of honour. If we find out that you have broken this rule, you will not be allowed to enter, or you will not be able to take part in future Hauntedbasel Entertainment events. And remember: we know more about you than you think. However, you can say that you are taking part or have taken part in this event and give your personal opinion in the form of a review.


How can I take part in the show?

It is a private event. Admission tickets cannot be purchased on the door. You can only take part if you have received a personal invitation. You have to apply for an invitation via “Inner Circle” on this page. If you are accepted in the “Inner Circle”, this only indicates your interest in the show and you might receive a personal invitation in due course. You are not obliged to accept the invitation and membership of the “Inner Circle” does not automatically entitle you to take part.


What does it cost?

You will get this information with your invitation.


What won’t be tolerated?

In order to ensure the safety of the actors and crew, we are very strict about observing the rules.

  • Alcohol and other psychoactive substances: if we establish or have the impression that you are inebriated or in any other way impaired, you will be refused access.
  •  Failure to follow instructions: if you do not follow the instructions, actors can say the safeword for you. The show is then over for you. You are not allowed to speak unless prompted to do so.
  • You will experience a physically and mentally aggressive show. However, on no account must you respond to this, either verbally or physically.

If the show has to be halted due to force majeure or other disruptive action, the entry fee will be refunded.


Although it might not initially seem like it, your safety and wellbeing are our main priority. For this reason, it is extremely important, and I reiterate this, that you follow all instructions to the letter.




John Carvino, Co-Creator of Brutality Haunted House


(c) 2018 Haunted Basel Entertainment